Crafting Sleep Aids for Dreams Unaided – Dream On Without Us

Hello, I’m Emma, a mom of two who runs a business, but I always feel fatigued due to sleep problems, which led to a series of issues caused by my reversed cervical curve.So we created our first product, which is the sleep patch, to eliminate the hassle of taking pills. Simply apply it before bedtime to help improve your sleep.

In the future, my team and I will work together to create more products and strive for better sleep health. We hope that our products can bring a reassuring experience to friends who, like me, have trouble sleeping.

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Sleep Patches

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For Adults https://dozywave.co.uk/shop/melatonin-sleep-patches-for-adults/
For Kids https://dozywave.co.uk/shop/sleep-aid-for-children/

The Sleep Patches is the first product released by our company. It revolutionizes the form of melatonin intake, as it can simply be applied on the skin, eliminating the need for oral consumption. This change allows for a more direct and longer-lasting absorption of key ingredients. Additionally, we have incorporated multiple ingredients to enhance the achievement of high-quality sleep.

Ear Plugs

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7 Pairs https://dozywave.co.uk/shop/mouldable-silicone-ear-plugs/

Dozywave’s second sleep product embodies the perfect fusion of technology and comfort, designed to let you sleep undisturbed by various noises. Understanding the importance of both sound isolation and comfort in wear, this product is a culmination of innovative design and user-friendly features. Incorporating antibacterial silver ions, these earplugs prioritize hygiene and safety, ensuring a clean and healthy sleep environment.


The product’s research and development philosophy, the principles of sleep, and our latest progress will all be announced here.

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